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Carefully, unmixed & safe.

PET Abfälle

Time is money – especially in production.

Smooth, economical processes count here. All the better if you have a service-oriented service provider at your side who has been familiar with the procurement of the required PET plastics for years - and who makes them available to you at fair prices and in the desired way on time: e.g. us.

Flexible procurement with no worries

Whether PET bottles, PET flakes, PET regrind or PET granules: thanks to our large storage capacities, we can meet many needs - as flexibly as desired.

We also procure other plastics for the plastics processing industry from our business partners in Africa, Turkey and around the world.

PET Granulat

Our quality, your safety

We have carefully selected our plastic suppliers worldwide, you can be absolutely sure of that. In addition, we have PET bottles, PET flakes, PET regrind, etc. tested in a highly qualified laboratory before they are sold. Our partners are also thorough when it comes to cleaning, sorting and packaging your PET goods.

Expert advice included

Garden furniture, PET straps or cable ties: no matter what you need PET plastic for. We responsibly offer you comprehensive advice - for your production safety but also for a sustainable circular economy as a whole.

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